A poet he wrote me. Ian Gibbins

The Fugitive Text

“... the fugitive text ... about to blow off the page ...”
Peter Maloney, Canberra, 2013.  

Of course, it cannot be, unless
Sydney skies rain with turpentine,
wash away figure and ground,
betray another boy’s identity, naked
in his mother’s glass-rimmed tears,
or the tip of my pen entwines
the arms of some distant galaxy,
transcribes the veins that flow
with alien abstraction, until
the bell-toll in my ears subsides
and, once again, the voices I inhabit
illuminate these wind-spun points,
this fleet ascendency of recognition.
march 2013

I asked Mark to write a short statement for an art prize

Mornington Peninsula Works on Paper Award

Peter Maloney
Temporary agistment, 2020

Peter Maloney is a contemporary Australian artist represented in significant public and private collections.

Maloney’s compelling imagery is the result of 40 years of arts practice incorporating audio, collage, painting, photography and video.
The hybrid nature of his work is intentionally confounding, visually paraphrasing the promiscuous use of multi-media utilised by provocateur, William Burroughs. Just as Burroughs declined to be categorised as an author in the conventional sense, time and again Maloney resists straightforward critical assessment by shape-shifting the forms of his practice. 

In terms of such transmutation, Maloney’s Temporary agistment, 2020, is unequivocally a triptych – a group of related concepts in discourse with each other across three panels. The work is identifiably part of Maloney’s larger project and incorporates conceptual, textual, gestural and representational elements. Temporary agistment channels the artist’s queer sensibility through the lens of declarative tabloid headlines, while also referencing the atmospherics of more lyrical gestural abstraction.

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