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mr peter maloney - zuzumba. 2014

a little video with a little painting & a little original musik


happy 100th birthday wsb

cover by maloney 


Ever thought the violin stabs in the shower scene from Psycho bear an uncanny resemblance to that Cilla Black song?..so did Mr Kenneth from Brisbane who put the two together...

john grant's 'pale green ghosts'

  i adore this and am itching for the album

viodoid hell

while compiling a pp for my students i keep coming across old gems.
sometimes i wish i didnt sleep so much i could make more work. 

BIT warmly welcomes sherman clarke

a bunch of older large inkjet prints _ 2008 & 2006

aniversary _ 11 years:

despite i won against a billion sperm
despite i won against a million others
i couldnt swim for two:
i am thinner in the flesh
and gone tomorrow :