new paintings

' operation hurricane' acrylic/canvas 155cms x 124 cms 2009

'onslow' acrylic/canvas 155cms x 124 cms 2008

'meckering' acrylic/canvas 155cms x 124 cm


  1. Totally KEWL.
    sorta tight, but relaxing too.
    wanna live near the beach with these artworks hanging in a room facing the sea... with nice furniture too of course... and maybe some iced tea and... hmm.

  2. I like what billy said.

    These are awesome.

    They remind me of this great installment of INTERVENTION (an American show in which addicts are followed and then hounded into rehab lol) where this meth addict would go out totally high in the deep forest and hunt for burl, which is apparently a cancer of trees but has these sorts of patterns in it.

    I think he's really on an aboriginal Walkabout but in the Northwest of America.

    Because the guy is basically hunting for "found" aboriginal paintings.

    And these remind me of aboriginal artwork I love.

    Op art is an annoying and retrograde term to my mind but I like a lot of artists classified under op art...

    I don't know what I would call it. Processual art?

    Art that understands that light itself is processual.

    That's not an ism though.

    Love your digs here.

    Love your blogcraft.

    xo b