i love you because

i never saw orange juice live but i saw the fall in london at the time of bingo master's breakout.they were so so great so utterly bored but blew the competition off the stage on which they were about 3rd billing. Sunday, 20 August 1978 Lyceum, The Strand, London
Rebellious Jukebox / Like to Blow / Frightened / Stepping Out / Mess of My / It's the New Thing / Various Times / Bingo Master's Breakout / Industrial Estate / Music Scene
With Penetration (headlining), Ed Banger, the Group Therapy, and Punishment of Luxury. Tickets £2 in advance, £2.25 on door. and i saw and lived to tell the tale of a sydney gig in the early just 80s pre fall in a hole.2 drummers and the band at their peak.i still feel those speed jitters .and i had hep.Thursday, 22 July 1982 Musician's Club, Sydney, Australia
Not listed above, but this was definitely the first gig of the tour. No tape exists?

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