inkjet prints & paintings for 'bodies in trouble' canberra contemporary art space,opens may 8 2009

'burial' 2009, acrylic/canvas, 155cms x 1214cms

'the diamond library', inkjet print

'merry xmas jingle bells' & 'idiophone #1', inkjet print

'anti body', inkjet print

'idiophone #2' & 'minor chord', 2009 inkjet print

'chemical bells' & 'ju ju' 2009, inkjet prints.

all the above inkjet prints are archival prints on art paper. 980 cms tall, editions of 5.the series doesnt yet have a name..maybe i should call them 'buddies in trouble' ? (x)

'sirens' 2009, acrylic/canvas, 255cms x 156cms

'sniper' 2009 acrylic/canvas, 155cms x 124cms

'operation hurricane' 2009, acrylic/canvas, 155cms x 124cms

'meckering' 2009, acrylic/canvas, 155cms x 124cms

'onslow' 2009, acrylic/canvas, 149cms x 122cms

images of works soon to be exhibited at canberra contemporary art space.

pete, ive posted images here for you. i haven finished but my computer seems to be on mandrax.
i'll get the inkjets up in a little time. these are makeshift photographs of them. the better ones are huge files and this damn computer is having an issue w them. later gator. ps the inkjets are 980 cms tall, ie the image not the sheet size. sorry i keep changing their titles.
and the risk of circumnavelgazeing my's a splendid boastful hotlink

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  1. This is going to be a killer show. I am in love with many of these here: "anti body," "burial," "meckering," "onslow." world class. my hat and head off to you, peter!