victoria williams and vic chesnutt

back a few weeks i posted re usa singers vic chesnutt and victoria williams, gushing about their music. i adore both of them to exess and should probably keep it private. i heard from victoria last night that she and vic chesnutt are touring together in oz in july
last september i made sure my trip to palm springs and the joshua tree national park included a sunday so i could go on up to pioneertown to see the thriftstore allstars. this gloriously ramshakle band of desert musicians includes victoria williams and it kills me that they play up there at pappy & harriets every sunday night and it's for free for nix and nothing..just a bucket passed around during a break (when the bar empties out of bikers, ferals, kids and freaks wander off into the desert night to smoke whatever they grow out there) my PS mate mark and i walked out into the desert dark wondering where the fuck everyone was. so the band's second set was even more glorious..and rammer and shackler.
i met victoria, she's adorable of course and we swapped home remedies for frozen shoulders when once it would probably have been about frozen margaritas.
as great a musical psychohoedown it was i'm real glad she's coming out here with vic chesnutt so they can get the chance to sing their magic solo and, i'm hoping, together. they really are singers whose sensibilities totally complement each other.

Both have been the subject of music business assistance cds, a project called Sweet Relief for artists experiencing major illness or other major financial setbacks.Sweet Relief is the music business's great lesson in community generosity. Both artists appeared on each other's Sweet Relief project and both the cds are absolutely amazing.
I'll let US artist tim davis talk about the great great chesnutt: I found this in artforum a while back. and then theres this video of a radio station desk concert.
"Forget everything i ever told you
I'm sure i lied way more than twice
But understand i am not emily post
You know i'm nowhere near that precise
And i struggle with these etiquettes
Like you wouldn't believe
I'm puzzled by the policies
'cause after everything else you draw out of me
You still expect cute curtsies"

"I'm Through" by vic chesnutt

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