desanguinate that painting chicken

below is a snippet from an interview with lisa beck. change the name and replace her word 'homeopathic' with 'notional' and it could be truly a quote from yours truly. Its that removal from the reality of colours (oh yeah, and correct the spelling of the word) that allow b+w work to be negotiated with the detached scrutiny that works for me..

F: Why b/w; why no color?

It felt right. These pieces are very much involved with bipolarity/symmetry, and the opposition of black and white seems appropriate. A black and white image is not going to be confused with reality- so it can be depictive and abstract at the same time. The lack of color permits a different kind of scrutiny, to structure and content.
You know that I did primarily black and white work for about 10 years. Then color crept in, and took over and now it’s drained out again. I’m not sure why it comes or goes, but I can equate it to black and white versus color photography. Though I like color photos a lot, I’ve always been drawn to black and white images- they are both analytical and moody. Some of these pieces do have a sort of homeopathic amount of color in them, but it is more felt than seen.

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