herrmann not sherman

(detail) dont try this at home

do try this at home

the amazing viennese artist matthias herrmann has produced a new book of images of his stilled performances set in the tuscan landscape.
as always, herrmann's body is the site of the self-photographed enactments of operettas of his inner life.
I'm not sure what I'd say if I came across these characters in the woods...somewhere between 'dont worry..help is on it's way' or 'help..polizei!'
They are hilarious, tragic, menacing, and erotic in hilarious, tragic menacing ways and i for one instinctly know this language perfectly well.. but that's a secret i can never tell.
He commissioned drawings of himself by artists salvador cobrero alarcon, brian kenny, zachari logan and sito mujica included here in the book.
Matthias Herrmann has been perfecting this self-referential work for more than a few decades and as far as i'm concerned he totally out-shermans cindy.. always has, always will.
toscana 3 is the third in herrmann's pocket-size italy series.
you should buy the book from printed matter.

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