acrylic, graphite on canvas
                                                                        i copied this


  1. I marvel at these sorts of headlines too and want to "elevate" them. They just get wilder every day. Anything to get the click, Augenblick, look.

  2. there was a time bill, in the 80s, when i stopped reading the paper.augenmal! (i
    made that up)
    but back then bananas probably WERE as good as the toxic drugs they shoved down sick throats.

  3. I had friends dealing with the terrible toxicity, Peter. I think longterm survivors mostly survived because of their genetic deal more than the medicines. Like pouring Drano on a human liver. When I think how young a science virology is my mind boggles. But the smaller you go, the longer it took us to get there. I think it's weird that we're traveling wildly outwardly and inwardly at the same time. Maybe there's truth in the shape of all those mandalas and triskelions. xo

  4. Bill! I'm always humbled by your comments, they are razor-sharp..always!
    I am convinced longtermers are still here because of genetics rather than good management.
    my partner died during the late 80s experiments with toxic drugs and overdosing on vitamin etc was just the short straw.
    We used to make up strange lecithin compounds based on israeli experiments, tried to hold telephone conversations with japanese pharmacists at tokyo airport outlets who sent giant packets of pills later proven to be totally ineffective at best, made enemas from chinese bitter gourds and we researched every possible herbal and traditional methods..nothing worked...if you were going were going down!
    the waiting-room in our local gay Dr's surgery had a dozen queens slowly self-injecting giant doses of vitamin c which sometimes caused extreme pain and localised thrombosis in the wrist.none of it worked..nada..and fucking louise hay made everyone feel responsible for their own decline and donna summer just kept on singing.i get SO mad sometimes because i didnt have the time to be mad then.~xp