photographs from my studio tonight

 belmer wrote this in a seance (picured is kim hornby) :
miek beat himself up, doug & robert were still talking and paul & charles were a couple :
 the obituary pages from the sydney star observer( the 80s 90s' walking wounded) :
 do play with guns :


  1. sort of hypnotizing, this congeries of images. the guy who beat himself wonders...momentary self-hatred turned physical...or strange conceptualist gesture...I agree with Bellmer that his quote applies to him but I'm not sure about all artists. He is one of those artists whose influence you see everywhere today...I think I see the influence of Bellmer, Louise B. and Bacon virtually every day that I look at art...and all three were almost savagely of Eros floating around :-)

  2. Ah bill, i love that you never boondoggle when you drop always leave me something tasty to chew on.
    I have to admit to needing the dictionary for 'congerie' but i AM australian. yes,belmer's words are as prurient as his work and i always felt an affinity..even(esp.)in the context of the decidedly unsexy dominion of contemporary art. needless to say much of what i make doesnt get exhibited..hence the blog.

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