paintings a year or then ago

at utopia art sydney.the larger one is about 6 ' tall


  1. Me likey. Especially the one on the right. I'm a sucker for tripartite. Triptychs. All that. I think Maya Schock might have got me on that.

    Lately I feel a fetishistic pull towards asemic writing. Some elements in your work might be interpreted that way.

    There are some great sites dedicated to asemic poetry now.

    I've got to get them in my blogroll.

    See how paintings suggest things to people.

    I like the way seems so unnaturally planted on the rather mortal body in the painting at left.

    The unfairness of grafting consciousness to dying things comes through in that one.

  2. I like the way the head seems so unnaturally planted... did i miss "the head"

    lapsus something or other

  3. the left one is my fav of yours.
    your such a beautiful artist.
    K and i are very excited about your show