denton welch, william burroughs, brion gysin & jane bowles

Bowles, Jane. (E, G) William Burroughs met Jane Bowles during his years in Tangier. Jane & Burroughs were friendly but he never expressed interest in her writings until the 1970s and from that point on listed her along with Denton Welch as being one of his favorite writers. He praised her frequently in interviews, his work, and even named his cat, Calico Jane after her. “I don’t remember when I first met her. She was someone of extreme charm. It was a number of years later that I read her books and realized what an extremely talented writer she was.” WWB, p. 49. From the WSB foreword for Denton Welch’s In Youth Is Pleasure: “I think the writer to whom Denton is closest is Jane Bowles. Both writers are masters of the unforgettable phrase that no one else could have written. The prose of both writers is impregnated with a unique personality; each has a very special way of seeing things. And they never deviate into whimsy.”
from michael steven's 'the road to interzone'

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