untitled painting 4

acrylic/polyester 161 x 120 cms 2012 .....i should mention the photography of the paintings and the text works on paper below them is by rob little digital images (canberra) www.rldl.com.au


  1. Rob did a great job. As did you. I love when color achieves levitation as here. I only recently discovered Abbie Loy Kemarre's (sp?) work and fell in love. But the aboriginal, 40k year thing always sends me into a visual swoon. Forget Hirst. I'll take the Dreamtime anyday.

  2. Bill, thanks SO much for visiting...and for the welcome and felicitous comments. I feel like I have had a studio visit from a well-versed critic..only you never resort to cliche or mystification.
    levitation/elevation of colour is EXACTLY what i have been aiming for with this series.you are spot on my friend!